Workshops & Professional Development

Learning is how we grow and educating and empowering others to grow is at the heart of what we do

We are proud to run a range of workshops and training sessions.  We work with schools, allied health practices, community groups, small parent groups and not for profit organisations and our sessions are always bespoke to their needs and interactive.

Our team is passionate about sharing knowledge in an engaging and practical way that is thought provoking and changes how we engage with the children and young people in our care. We also offer information sessions for those on their NDIS journey and trying to navigate the system.

Our Process

Our booking process allows us to understand the aims of the event and the audience we will be speaking to.  We then endeavour to design a  presentation that will appeal to the widest range of the target audience in order that everyone feels included and involved. We ensure that practical strategies are included that can be immediately implemented within a clinical setting, school, childcare centre or home environment.

We do this by combining our knowledge of child development and professional backgrounds with up to date research in order to present thorough and inspiring sessions.  Our aim is that every participant will learn something and will leave feeling empowered that they have been given additional tools.

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