Work with Teenagers

Understanding and Supporting Your Adolescent's Journey

As children turn into teenagers and young adults, we are often contacted by parents who describe their child as having turned into someone they do not recognize!

This change which is part of  normative development can often wreak havoc even within the calmest of homes. Many teenagers go through stages of rejecting the boundaries they have always respected and some will experiment with risk taking behavior such as drug and alcohol abuse and sexual experimentation at younger ages than their parents are comfortable with. Coupled with the frightening statistics around online bullying and teen mental health, parenting teenagers has never been more complicated.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are

four teenager sitting on bench looking at phones

Some of the issues we commonly work with teenagers on are:

At Kids on Track, we aim to work with parents to better understand their teens and ensure they remain their safety net and place to turn.

Our in-house youth worker is able to work with teenagers directly as well as their parents to create a sense of cohesion and harmony when the family system seems to be disrupted. When working directly with teenagers, we aim to ensure that their voice is heard and respect their right to a non judgmental confidential space whilst adhering to all safety guidelines. We truly believe in the potential of every young person no matter what behaviour they may be exhibiting at home, school or in social situations.

We also advocate for families within schools when there are issues of school refusal

Supporting families tackling school refusal together

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