Work with Schools

A school or early years learning environment is a cornerstone of a child’s life and routine.

In order for children to thrive within the education system, their needs must be met and understood and there needs to be a feeling of cohesion between home and school/ childcare.

Our team is experienced in helping children of all ages thrive within an educational setting and helping parents understand what additional supports may benefit their child as well as how to put these things into place.

We can be invited in either by the parents who are concerned or by the educational institution themselves and we work with both sides to ensure the best possible outcomes for every child and to help both home and school work as a team to best support the child / teenager involved.

For Parents/Students

Many children and adolescents present entirely differently at school to how they do at home with their family. 

We can help to bridge this gap by undertaking an in person or virtual observation of the learner. This allows us to pay attention to both their strengths and weaknesses within a classroom setting and recess setting as required. These observations are designed in consultation with both parents and the school to ensure that the time set is one that will allow us to observe any concerns that have been raised. To understand more about the process of booking an observation please contact us.

For students who have ILPs already in place and have regular team meetings, we are available to support families navigate the school journey in several ways including;

For Educators

We work directly with schools and teams of educators to provide professional development workshops.

We also have relationships with several schools and work within their systems to develop behaviour policies and advise on strategies, equipment and tools that may benefit children and teenagers who are struggling to meet their potential.

We are always delighted to be invited into a school to provide this support and advice.

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