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We believe in treating each child as a whole world and that each family is unique.

Being a parent is an entirely overwhelming, 24-hour-a-day job for which we are given little training. The changes seem constant and a child’s needs at times appear to be beyond our understanding or ability to deal with. Our tiny newborn humans don’t come with an instruction manual and nor do boundary-pushing toddlers, children struggling with family expectations or teenagers who know better!

The family unit is the ground in which children grow and thrive and there are often times that parents need some additional support to ensure that their family environment is one that allows this growth to occur. Being a parent is more difficult now than it has ever been. It can also be difficult to keep both parents on the same page with ideas around setting boundaries, appropriate responses and what is and is not acceptable!

family with 2 kids standing cuddling outside

We are able to provide sessions for parents to navigate every stage of their parenting journey.

We provide sessions for parents on many topics including, but are not limited to;

Let's work together to create a brighter future for your family. Reach out today and let's get started.

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