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Supporting parents with an understanding of the NDIS system

When a child of any age is expressing behaviours of concern, showing signs of developmental delay, acting out at school, or has been given a diagnosis, parents can often feel lost as to where to begin.

At Kids on Track, we combine our training and experience of working with disability and supporting parents with an in depth knowledge of the NDIS system. Whilst the NDIS isn’t accessible for some families, in many cases it is and we can hold families’ hands as they navigate the process. In cases where it is not available we work with families to ensure they are connected to the right supports. We are experienced case managers who are able to quickly and efficiently identify and set families up with the services needed both inside and outside of the NDIS.

NDIS Access

Understanding the access criteria and administrative process of applying for the NDIS can be overwhelming. We assist families by taking a holistic approach and advising exactly what is needed for a successful application for your child. We also can connect you to appropriate providers to complete the required assessments if anything is missing.

We are able to help with every step of the process including filing the application on your behalf, attending meetings with you and providing supporting documentation and letters if needed. For those families who are unable to meet the access criteria, we are able to put together a plan to tackle the behaviours that are causing the most concern and build a team of qualified professionals around you and your child who can assist you in reaching your goals.

NDIS Education

The NDIS has a vocabulary, bureaucracy and processes which are unique to them and many parents find themselves confused. The one size fits all approach that many experience is something we try to counter at Kids on Track when working with NDIS clients. 

Our experienced team are able to help you understand what your funding can be used for and what it can’t as well as educate you on how to best use the funding within your plan. We can provide this advice in individual consultations or in group workshops. We also provide NDIS workshops for professionals to help allied health providers and educators better understand how to support families to gain the most out of the funding that is available to them.

NDIS Support Coordination & Case Management

Working with Self and Plan Managed Clients

We feel privileged to be able to stand alongside our clients and ensure that they have the right supports for their children. We are at our best coordinating teams and going above and beyond to ensure that a young person’s goals can be reached and that their families feel cared for.

We meet with every person involved with that child and are guided by parents as to what their priorities are. We are able to accompany families to all and any appointments and to help them with anything that they are struggling with.

We are dedicated to our families and advocate for them to ensure that they have access to everything they need in order to thrive and feel that their burden has eased.

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