Childhood Continence

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Toilet Training is an area of development that we believe needs to be tackled with the upmost sensitivity.

Societal pressure means that parents sometimes have expectations that their child is unable to meet and this becomes stressful for everyone involved! The reality is that every child is different and is ready for toilet training in their own time usually by the age of 3.  Often parents can become concerned if;

At Kids on Track, our team understands that it is unpleasant and can be embarrassing both for the parents and the child.  There can be many factors that can exacerbate the problem and we start by trying to look at what those may be for your child. During our assessment we try and ensure that all medical causes have been eliminated and once we are sure they have been, we work together with you to identify the areas of difficulty and put together a toolbox of consistent strategies that  you are able to incorporate into your life. We also have a range of medical experts who we can refer to for additional support if needed. 


Even when toilet training is easy and straightforward during the day, being dry overnight can be a process that takes longer. This can become overwhelming in terms of sleep disruption and school aged children being embarrassed.

We are passionate about supporting the whole family through the process and explaining clearly what options are available in order for a child to become dry overnight. 

NDIS Continence Assessments

Many children with NDIS funding may struggle with both day and night toilet training. The factors as to why are numerous and can include:

As a paediatric continence specialist and NDIS expert, Ariella understands the nuances of how these assessments can assist your family to gain funding for the products you need as well as being able to put together a plan and a report for NDIS with realistic goals for your child.

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