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First Aid essentials for the holiday season

Coming into the holiday season lots of families around the country head away for a period of time. This means that you are away from your house and your usual routine. When you’re away one of the most important things to pack is the family first aid kit. Here are some things that are essential to have in there. 

Plasters and bandages:

All of the extra fun and adventure on holidays can sometimes lead to bumps, and scrapes. Having a range of different shapes and sizes of plasters and dressings ensures that you have options for all types of injuries. It is worth taking some bandages with gauze around the side and a plaster cushion for bigger scrapes. 

Wound care kit:

Items to include for this part of the first aid kit include: baby wipes, hand sanitizer and antiseptics. All of these items ensure that you are prepared for all types of injuries. Equally as important are ice packs that you can crack to become cold, especially when camping as there is generally the risk that kids will pull hot things onto themselves. 

Nausea stoppers:

If your child is prone to motion sickness, it is worth having some sort of anti nausea handy. It could be patches, tablets or armbands. You want to avoid a car sick child where possible. 


Pesky insect bites and minor allergic reactions can be treated with your over the counter antihistamines. Be sure to have some of these in your first aid kit. 

Pain relief:

If a fever strikes it is important to have a thermometer handy and also some pain killers. Whether you use ibuprofen or paracetamol, bring that along with the syringe to administer it. 

Their favourite drink bottle:

If you know your child has a favourite drink bottle or sippy cup, ensure that it is packed. Hydration is key when unwell and having a favourite item from home might motivate them to keep fluids up. 

Wishing you and your family a very safe Summer wonderful adventures!

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