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Common Childhood Health Complaints

Can you hear me?

Many parents of pre school or early primary school aged children will read the title of this blog and smile

mother putting hand to the head of a child asleep

Go Go Go Gastro

With schools in Australia going back this week and many others around the world, just weeks into a new term,

soapy hands washing under water in sink

Stop the Spread

What a week it has been! Almost every client we have seen has been dealing with a child home from

young boy lying in bed with medication in front of him and temperature gauge out of mouth

Fighting Fevers

One of the most common childhood health complaints we hear from parents is that of fevers – other wise known

young girl sitting holding onto her tummy

Coping with Constipation

For many of our clients, the side effect of toilet training has been to have their children especially little boys,

child holding head on ground after falling over

Heads Up!

Any parent knows how upsetting and worrying a bump on the head or more serious head injury can be. Even

baby crying in womans arms

Reflux Remedies

In the last couple of weeks we have been asked several times about how to handle babies suffering from reflux.

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