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Kids Health & Wellbeing

Surviving Separation Anxiety

This week my sister and her husband went away over the weekend for work marking the first time that she

young boy sitting on toilet smiling
Parenting and Family Relationships

Ready or not….Time to Toilet Train!

We work with parents who are struggling with many different aspects of the toilet training process. However, the common thread

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Kids Health & Wellbeing

Screen Time and Sleep

There is no doubt that we are more reliant on screens than ever before. They are our source of connection

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Kids Health & Wellbeing

Fussy Eaters in the Family

A study published last week by the National Academy of Sciences claims that babies and children as young as 1

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Kids Health & Wellbeing

Chill Out!

We live in a world where the pressure on us is immense. From the time we wake up until we

two young girls rollerblading holding hands with their mother
Kids Health & Wellbeing

Fun Family Fitness

Growing up, the Olympics was never a major feature in my life. I was never particularly sporty or athletic at

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Kids Health & Wellbeing

Angry all the time

The world can be an angry place these days. A tremendous amount of our consultations in the last couple of

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Common Childhood Health Complaints

Stop the Spread

What a week it has been! Almost every client we have seen has been dealing with a child home from

young girl holding out a flower
Kids Health & Wellbeing

A Change is ahead…

The last couple of weeks have seen us inundated with clients whose children ranging in age from 3 to 16

two young girls standing brushing their teeth
Kids Health & Wellbeing

Routine Building

Following our very successful evening discussing how to develop positive routines in the life of children of all ages, we

young boy lying in bed with medication in front of him and temperature gauge out of mouth
Common Childhood Health Complaints

Fighting Fevers

One of the most common childhood health complaints we hear from parents is that of fevers – other wise known

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